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4 Things to Consider Before You Order Your Exterior Signage Help Your Customers Find You

Your exterior signage can make or break the customer experience. After all, if they can’t find you, customers can’t buy from you. The outdoor or building signage you select is a vital decision for grabbing attention, making your business stand out, emphasizing or reinforcing your brand, and getting someone to open the door and enter your store. Exterior signage is the first introduction many of your customers will have to you and your business. So how can you make sure that your signage attracts, interests, and motivates your customers? Nearly 76% of consumers said they visited a business based simply on its sign. About 68% feel that signage reflects the quality of what they will find at that business, and nearly 60% of consumers said that the absence of a sign deters them from entering a store or business. But what will motivate customers to take that first step and enter your store?

COLORS Every integrated marketer knows how influential color can be. Many businesses select signs consistent with their branding—for instance, Starbucks green, Coca-Cola red, Home Depot orange, etc. Strategically, you will want to choose bold colors that pop without clashing. Some prefer high-contrast colors that will pop as people walk or drive by, such as black and white, orange and blue, yellow and black or dark blue, or red and green. Whatever colors you choose, they should be eye-catching so that your sign stands out from its surroundings.

SIZE Sometimes bigger is better for signs, but sometimes bigger violates local ordinances or distracts drivers. When deciding on outdoor signage for your business, consider the impact it will have on passersby. It should be big enough to fit comfortably into/onto the available space. Integrated marketers should also think carefully about how big the lettering on that sign will need to be to ensure that it can be seen and understood from a distance. Will the message be readable on a smaller sign? Or will you need to size it up?

LOCATION Where you position your sign is key to your success. Ideally, it will become a fixture in the area and serve as a visual cue for those in your neighborhood. Think of all the ways people will encounter your business and where you could logically place a sign. A parking lot for your business is a logical home for a sign. If most of your customers are people who previously walked or drove past your location and were enticed in, a sign may best be viewed at the end of a driveway or just outside your store (this includes on/in windows, too). Research even shows a significant difference in sign size needs based on whether your sign is parallel or perpendicular to the roadway!

LIGHTING Lighting your exterior signs provides your business with 24/7 visibility and radiance. It elevates your signage and draws customers in. Lit signs are welcoming beacons for those who will pass or visit your shop after dusk, on cloudy days, or in inclement weather. Lighted signage advertises your business to passersby continually, whether you are open or not. The lighting around your sign also illuminates the area, providing a measure of comfort and safety for you and your customers. While there are many options for lighting that you can choose from, lighting your exterior signage is a cost-effective, customizable, and effective way to shine a light on your business. Our expert team can help you find just the right exterior signage to meet your marketing goals.

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