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ERP Selections

The purpose of this ERP Selection is to provide your company with a subject matter expert, “SME”, in the field of business process efficiencies and accounting software.  This individual will have a great knowledge of both your industry and the accounting software market and can guide your business through the process from selection to implementation. Our Leadership is comprised of individuals whom have skills as both CPA’s and a technologist’s, and has vast experience in both the building of business processes and implementation of accounting systems.

Sand Dunes

The Assessment and Selection Process – includes the following:

  • Business Process review.

    • Included in this review will be a review of your existing software and value-added reseller to ensure that changing software is the proper action to be taken.

      • The problem may not be in the software, but rather in how you use the software of the vendor you contracted.

  • Business process change management and GAP reporting.  Helping to develop a roadmap for change, system configuration and customization.

  • Develop a software selection matrix – identifying and comparing the following:

    • Key features of the software including, but not limited to AP, cash management, case management, financial reporting, and robust general ledger,

    • Pricing – including a five-year total cost of ownership,

    • Integration capabilities with software products used currently within the environment, and

    • Vendor selection and support

  • Prepare and distribute a request for proposals to various selected resellers, which are described below section on deliverables.

  • Work with the team on having targeted demonstrations of the software

  • Working with the team on making a final decision and action plan for moving forward related to the upgrade of existing or purchase of a new accounting system.

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