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Vendor Management and Contract Negotiations

Effectively managing vendor relationships can be a daunting process. At CAS Worldwide our consulting team are experts in monitoring vendor performance, mitigating risks, and reducing costs.  We focus on the costs associated in a variety of areas such as but not limited to; marketing, sales, operations, finance, human resources, technology, travel, warehousing and shipping.  We work with companies large and small, especially those with multiple departments and locations.

We will act as your internal project managers,  to working with your team to develop and/or administer your vendor management program so you can:

  • Develop or Review your existing vendor management programs for best practices and areas of improvement,

  • Identify appropriate factors to consider when profiling your vendors,

  • Assess and classify the risk level of each vendor for structured due diligence,

  • Track vendors' performance over time as conditions change,

  • Review and negotiate contracts with your vendors, and

  • Mitigate the inherent risk to your organization related to the purchasing processes.

Our consultants are experts in process improvement, procurement practices, internal controls, and project management.


Included with in our Vendor Management offerings CAS Worldwide has created a network of qualifiedvetted Professional Service Providers (PSP) in a various disciplines. The PSP program is made up of professional service providers who offer various different services to our clients.  The guarantee favored nation pricing and all transactions with our PSP’s are between youour clients and the PSP.   as wWe take no transactional fee or commission based on who you choose to use.  Our Each individual PSP’s are is vetted through our PSP program and are scored on our web portal for their performance which is shared with our clients. 

Setup an appointment with one of our consultants to see how we can help you with your vendor management needs.


Also, take advantage of our 5 point major expense vendor health check – to see if you are following best practices and are receiving the besttter prices and services from your largest vendors

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