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Dan Stieglitz

Dan Stieglitz


As a Process Improvement Specialist and leader of CAS Worldwide, Dan's role is to advise clients of best practices and inspire his fellow CAS associates to be the best they can be.

Jamie Austin

Jamie Austin

Director Business Development

Heading Business Development and the PSP program, Jamie connects companies with the solutions they strive to achieve, making them more efficient and profitable.


Arthur Germain


We use Brandtelling (brand + storytelling) to build confidence and trust, raise awareness and increase

Felix Nater

Workplace Security

Felix P. Nater, President and Owner of Nater Associates, Ltd. a human resource security management

Luke Abbott

CPG Branding

Luke Abbott is an entrepreneur. Starting his business career at 11 years old, Luke has started, grown and.

Craig Carter

Internal Audit

Innovative and accomplished senior executive with 35 years of successful leadership

Jeffrey Weiss

Procurement (not-for-profit)

Creative and Seasoned Executive with expertise in developing cost efficiencies, re-engineering business

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