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Health Check - 

5 Point Major Expenses

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5 Point Major Expense Health Check

Independent Review of up to 5 Major Expenses

Choosing from a variety of expense categories. CAS Worldwide will collect the relevant information required to perform policy and contract reviews of up to 5 major expenses.  CAS Worldwide then provides you with a detailed report outlining our findings.

Expense Categories include:

  • Office Lease

  • Office Equipment

  • Insurance Policies

  • Workmen’s Comp

  • Telecom

  • Shipping

  • Travel

  • Technology

  • Tax & Audit

  • Benefits

  • CC Processing

  • Office Furniture

A 5 Point Major Expense Health Check allows us to demonstrate our expertise and ability to analyze a project; uncover issues, risks or concerns and provide your executive management team with a high-level summary with risk analysis, including first steps towards remediation.  


As part of your Major Expense Health Check, you receive the following level of services:

  • A CAS Worldwide process improvement specialist to work with company personnel to collect the relevant documentation in each category necessary to perform the review.

  • An Executive summary Scorecard rating your current polices and contracts.

  • A meeting with the Executive Leadership to review our findings.

  • In cases where opportunities for improvement exist, you will receive recommendations on how to implement change including personal introductions to our PSP members for additional details and/or to implement change where warranted.


When engaging CAS Worldwide in a 5 Point Major Expense Health Check, you will automatically be enrolled in our Bronze level service, gaining access to our entire Professional Solutions Provider Directory. This network comprised of more than 30 vetted and qualified vendors in specific industries and aligned to clients of certain sizes. These PSP members maintain the highest standards and perform at the service levels required to properly service your business.


You are given a username and password with access to our web portal and vendor list. The portal lists our PSPs by service offering and model client size (by revenue and employee count).   Bronze level clients are given:

  • A designated contact at each PSP.

  • A guarantee of Favored Nation pricing.


A vendor risk assessment analysis and score card, indicating how many times this vendor has offered clients services to CAS clients, the amounts of clients that have signed with them and the total revenue and/or savings the vendor has achieved for those clients.

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