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Business Process Review


Operational Audits and Internal Control Reviews

Operational Audits and Internal Control reviews are done to determine the effectiveness of our clients’ overall business operations in three key areas: operations, information technology and financial management. The process that we use to evaluate each area includes

  • Interviews with selected employees from each stage of the company’s work and information flow

  • Interviews with key vendors and clients

  • A dry run through key business processes

  • Analysis and testing of findings

  • An Internal Control Risk Matrix identifying key areas that are vulnerable due to theft and deception.  Internal Controls focus mainly on the areas of your business that could affect cash transactions

  • Practical recommendations based on our research

This comprehensive examination of the company’s personnel, business processes and infrastructure, inclusive of the information technology department, not only uncovers and corrects inefficiencies within or between these elements but also extends to interactions with suppliers and feedback from customers or clients. By extending our review to every facet of our clients’ business model, we help establish or enhance their competitive advantages. In those instances where we detect significant control weaknesses in the Information Technology Department, we may recommend a more comprehensive examination of that department in the context of an IT Audit.

We have conducted these reviews for companies in a wide range of industries, including: Advertising and Public Relations, Collectibles, Construction, Direct Mail, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Health Clubs, Hospitality, Import/Export, Licensing and Trademarks, Manufacturing, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Printing, Professional Services, Publishing, Real Estate, Rental Equipment, Retail, Shipping and Wholesale. At the conclusion of each engagement, the client received recommendations that enabled them to improve their operations, systems, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness and emerge as a more competitive player in the marketplace.

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