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10 Reasons You Need to Use Digital, On-Demand Printing

Evan Bloom

Sir Speedy

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In today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business world, your team needs to be able to easily and quickly access current and accurate materials. On-demand printing is the ideal solution for businesses, regardless of industry, that need the flexibility, quick turnaround and customizability of an on-demand solution.

Every industry benefits from the rapid advances in technology constantly occurring around us, revolutionizing the ways we do business. For the print industry, technology has led to the emergence of rapid, on-demand digital printing for businesses that need to quickly adapt or that want to give themselves an advantage over their competitors. Below are 10 of the many reasons to adopt on-demand printing for your business.

  1. Small-batch printing: Printing smaller but more frequent sets of marketing collateral allows you to maintain fresh, accurate, up-to-date materials.

  2. Inventory/storage: Storage space for marketing materials is often at a premium. Printing on-demand in small quantities lets you print and store fewer pieces. Keeping minimal inventory at your physical facility allows you to reduce inventory and avoid finding yourself with dozens of unopened, outdated boxes of flyers, brochures or other pieces.

  3. Flexibility: On-demand printing permits shorter print timeframes to complete a project. This allows a printer to accommodate your specific needs, giving you plenty of time to make last-minute changes and still meet delivery deadlines. This print flexibility also contributes to inventory advantages, reductions in waste and cost savings.

  4. Reduced waste: Shorter print runs minimize overruns and use less paper and ink. And the ability to easily update and reprint materials means that less paper ends up in the trash.

  5. Reduced carbon footprint: Fewer printed pieces mean fewer shipped pieces and reduced transportation costs and fuel emissions. Businesses with multiple locations can opt for smaller, local printing closer to their offices for pickup or delivery, reducing the impact on the environment.

  6. Quick turnaround: Digital printing technology can produce short-run print jobs quickly and without compromising quality. Marketers can expect to receive high-quality printed pieces fast.

  7. Fresh, custom content: The same automation technology that allows for on-demand printing can be used in tandem with variable data printing, allowing customers to print small quantities of highly customized content.

  8. High-quality materials: Advanced digital printing technologies produce the same high-quality printing as conventional commercial printers, satisfying even the most discriminating customers.

  9. Lower costs: Short, digital print runs are far more cost-effective than large, traditional print jobs between overruns and content that quickly goes out of date. You will save on the expense of up-front printing costs and virtually eliminate waste by keeping lower quantities of materials on hand.

  10. Efficient: On-demand printing reduces complexity and ensures that materials are prepared and delivered to you as soon as possible. Much of the labor for on-demand work can be done online for your convenience, from uploading your files to making changes and approving the final proofs.

Whether you are new to on-demand printing or looking for a new print partner, we can help. Our team of digital printing experts will work with you to determine the best way to manage your on-demand printing needs.

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