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Jay Ryan


My Targets

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Knowing my business, what I do and who I do it with will help you identify companies I am interesting in meeting and who most likely need or want my product or service.

Target Titles/Roles

Target Industries

Target Companies

Industries Avoided

large  buildings,K12 schools (public, private, or religious), colleges, hospitals,   nursing homes, public utilities including water utilities, police, fire, and   ambulance, as well as not for profit assisted living, houses of worship,   libraries, museums, community centers serving the elderly, kids, or people   with health or mental issues, art or performing arts groups, and other not   for profits. Long-term: schools, healthcare facilities, doctor, dentist, and   chiropractor offices, hospitality, restaurants, retail, plus larger office   and industrial buildings. Big buildings with elevators.

LI  Colleges, Amazon, Rechler, Northwell, NYU Langone, Catholic Health, Mt.   Sinai, Bristal,

small   facilities,Single/small offices, storefronts, and single practitioners

I would like to meet the following PSPs

Practice Groups I am in


Kilfinane Environmental

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