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Client Sales Range

$5mm - $25mm, $25mm - $100mm

Client Employee Range


Client Type (Public or Private)

Public, Private


Rich Isaac

Sandler Training, Hauppauge


Sales Training & Consulting

Our business is dedicated to the absolute belief that all business owners, leaders and salespeople deserve to enjoy their work and reach their full potential.

Here are five key issues that virtually all of our clients -- from individual salespeople, to business owners, to large sales teams -- faced before they worked with us...
... Not in front of enough new prospective clients on a regular, consistent basis
... Not closing an appropriate percentage of those opportunites; many proposals, few deals
... Lacking a common culture, language, and system for sales and sales management
... Less than optimal process for recruiting and retaining an effective sales team, causing expensive hiring mistakes
... Low levels of accountability to keep each salesperson and the overall team on track to meet sales & business goals

Specialties: Sales, Sales Management, Business Development, Rainmaking, Go-to-Market Strategy, Negotiating, The Psychology of Sales... Training, Consulting & Coaching

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