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5 Ways to Add Extra Ooomph to Your Printed Pieces

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Printed pieces like direct mail and brochures can be some of your most effective integrated marketing tactics. You can add even more impact with extra touches—such as using a spot varnish or metallic ink and picking the right paper can also say a lot about your business. An experienced print vendor (like us) can help you choose the right options.

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If you’re an integrated marketer looking to make an unforgettable statement, nothing has the same impact as print. Even if it feels like so much of marketing is digital, print is still the medium we invite into our homes, spend time with and hold onto. When was the last time you printed an email and tacked it onto your refrigerator? It’s no surprise a postcard or direct mailer can stay in a household for as long as 17 days. However, you still need to grab the attention of your audience. To enhance the impact of your printed pieces, particularly when you’re marketing to high-value clients, consider a few extra touches that will add some “oomph” to any message. Spot varnish/gloss This treatment is exactly what it sounds like: adding a shiny varnish to select areas or parts of a page to add shine and dimension and make your content pop. This technique is often used in catalogs and brochures. You can convey premium quality or sophistication by applying spot varnish to highlight specific products or features. Die-cuts To put it in simple terms, die-cutting is using a specialized machine to cut shapes into paper. Die-cuts can be simple and practical, such as adding slashes to a folder and inserting a business card. Or you can create intricate laser-cut effects that turn a brochure into a work of art or give a business card the “wow” factor. Consider the weight Consider using a heavier weight (stock) for your paper if you want to telegraph quality and class. Besides giving your brochure or mailer some heft and substance, a thicker paper will stand up to repeated use and maintain its shape (remember what we said about how often a piece of mail will get tacked up and referred to, again and again). Not all weights are suitable for every application, but an experienced print vendor (like us!) can help you pick the right paper. Metallic inks Add a touch of shine to your printed pieces with inks prepared with metallic particles that reflect the light. Using metallic ink can give your project a futuristic feel and create a subtly elegant effect. However, don’t just choose metallic ink to be “extra:” your piece should be thoughtfully designed by a graphic artist who understands how to use inks to maximum effect. Sustainable solutions Being eco-friendly makes good business sense: up to 75% of consumers say they want to purchase from companies that practice sustainability. We’re proud of our commitment to the environment. We can help you choose solutions that showcase your values, including paper and printing options that create less waste, use less energy and promote sustainable forest management. Let’s plan something great together Instead of regarding these options as “finishing touches,” we recommend thinking about these elements at the beginning stages of your project—it’s like giving your designer a few extra creative tools to play with! Talk to us early. We can help you and your designers make something amazing. With our extensive resources and experience, we can produce printed pieces of every kind efficiently, effectively and for less money than you might imagine. Contact us to learn more.

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