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Life-Changing Bootcamp

Do you have people in your life that push your buttons and sometimes drain your energy? Want to learn how to effectively communicate with those people?

Life-Changing Bootcamp

Join us on June 17, 2022, for a once in a lifetime communication experience with Master Coach Ellen Cooperperson who has been called “a genius in understanding and addressing personal and organizational challenges…”

This powerful, 2-hour workshop focuses on dealing effectively with co-workers, customers, managers, colleagues and even family members.

With your ticket, you will receive:

  • A 2-hour LIFE CHANGING webinar where you will learn how to maintain positive relationships and enhance your ability to influence others.
  • A comprehensive written review of your strengths and development opportunities.
  • A step by step road map to a better FUTURE!
  • A 30-minute private meeting with Master Coach, Ellen Cooperperson following the training course!
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