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Business Case Study  Grocery Chain

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Business Objectives and Goals

CAS Worldwide was retained by a large grocery chain in the tri-state area to review the processes related to managing promotions and various different advertisements (circulars) that are need weekly.

The Challenge

The overall goal of the project was to complete the following:

  1. Increase business performance by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in business process – specifically related to the production of the weekly circular and promotional allowances.

  2. Review a manual process to determine if the process could be streamlined and also to evaluate if the process required additional human resources or could be made more efficient with the software automation.

  3. Review current software applications and suggest changes to these applications to meet the objectives stated above

The Solution

The process began with a review and documentation of their current business process in both the advertising and marketing departments and was extended to merchandising and buyers.

Once the processes were documented and an understanding of their process mix was determined we created a proper business process change management program. This program allowed the company to create a road map of what was needed for system configuration and customization. Once this roadmap was created we were able to manage the implementation of a new project management system, specifically designed to handle the advertising process.

Additionally we were able to expand this solution to help track costs and charges related to the production of circulars and invoice the stores on a weekly basis as well as provide an online portal for stores to request and record changes to advertisements.

The Benefit’s

The company increased efficiencies in the following areas:

  1. Reduce and repurpose resources in the advertising departments as the new streamlined approach did not require as much manual manipulation

  2. Provided a connection between accounting and advertising departments to effectively manage and import invoices, approximately 250 weekly, to stores immediately after the work was performed

  3. Enable reporting tools for both merchandisers and advertising to show the effects changes to the advertisement may have

  4. Enabled store owners to manage the changes to weekly circulars online and without the need to manually write and fax their weekly changes to corporate headquarters

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