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Business Case Study -Digital Media

Business Process improvement Plan and Enterprise Wide Accounting System implementation

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Business Objectives and Goals

Work with a national digital media company, specializing in large format visuals such as visual merchandising displays, banners and billboards, in order to review their overall business and manufacturing process and provide recommendations for improvement in physical process and the software applications used to complete these processes.

The Company experienced extreme growth over a few year period by acquiring other companies in the same industry in different parts of the country and needed assistance in standardizing process and software application platforms at each location.

The Challenge

The overall goal of the project was to complete the following:

  1. Increase business performance by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in business process – specifically in the revenue recognition and quality control processes.

  2. Tighten internal controls and provide meaningful analytical reporting to management in order to evaluate overall financial performance in all areas of the company.

  3. Review current software applications and suggest changes to these applications to meet the objectives stated above

The Solution

The process began with a review and documentation of their current business process in all divisions of the company. Once the processes were documented and an understanding of their process mix was determined we created, with the help of their internal management team, a proper business process change management program. This program allowed the company to create a road map of what was needed for system configuration and customization. Once this roadmap was created we were able to manage the implementation of a new Enterprise level Accounting system, “ERP”, which was integrated with their manufacturing system to provide them a seamless solution to meet all goals listed above.

The Benefit’s

  1. The company increased efficiencies in the following areas:

  2. Three desperate accounting system databases were integrated into one, which provided real-time reporting and eliminated the need for massive Excel spreadsheets to provided consolidated reporting

  3. Management reporting – management was able to retrieve information instantaneously on key performance indicators such as revenue recognition, liquidity and overall spending by department and segment

  4. Manufacturing process has been integrated with the accounting system to develop costing and inventory control processes

  5. SEC public reporting can now be extrapolated from the system and not produced manually as it had been in the past

Through the use of new technologies the users of the system were able to be provided controlled access to the applications from various offices across country.

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