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Tom Fazio


My Targets

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Knowing my business, what I do and who I do it with will help you identify companies I am interesting in meeting and who most likely need or want my product or service.

Target Titles/Roles

CEO, CFO, Office Manager, Accountant, bookkeeping, whoever receives CC statement,

Target Industries

Target Companies

Industries Avoided

B2B, key in transactions, phone orders, large ticket, off beaten path vs main street, distributors, waste mgmt, home heating, distributors, auto dealerships

Heating Home Oil

Moving and Storage Centers

Staffing Companies

Senior Residence

Rehabilitation Facilities

Waste Removal / Carting Services

Recycling Centers & Products

Towing Services / Demolition

Sanitary Services

Nurseries / Garden Centers

Car Dealerships / Trucking

Charities / Non-for-Profit

Funeral Homes / Cemeteries

Day Camps / Day Care

Jewelry & Appliances Stores

Animal Hospitals

Winery’s / Country Clubs

Cosmetic DDS / Surgery

Building Materials

Commercial Equipment

Wholesale Lighting Fixtures

Wholesale Clothing and Uniform

Wholesale Fabrics and Dry Goods

Wholesale Food

Wholesale Hardware Equipment

Lumber Yards

Florist Suppliers

Plumbing Suppliers

Paint Suppliers

Metal Service Centers

Heating / Cooling Companies

Cement / Paving / Sealing

Carpet / Fence Installations

Electric / Power Installation

Car Services / Livery Services


small ticket items,

I would like to meet the following PSPs

Nerio Rivera

Practice Groups I am in

Auto Dealerships

Card Connect

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