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Francesco Livoti CLTC


My Targets

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Knowing my business, what I do and who I do it with will help you identify companies I am interesting in meeting and who most likely need or want my product or service.

Target Titles/Roles

CEO, CFO, HR Director (last choice), Office Manager

Target Industries

Target Companies

Industries Avoided

Employee income from $30k-$200k, warehouse, manufacturing, blue collar with good retention rate, 20-100 employees, max 230 employee, Plumbing supply houses, Trucking

DDI Developmental Disabilities Institute, Venco Sales(john), Johnstone Supply, Sid Harvey, Huntington Plumbing, Blackman   (acquired by Ferguson), MW Mechanical (HVAC)

multi-national companies, public companies,

I would like to meet the following PSPs

Gregory Wozniak, Jonathan Carroll, Joshua Kreitzman

Practice Groups I am in


New York Life

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