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Dianne Heffernan


My Targets

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Knowing my business, what I do and who I do it with will help you identify companies I am interesting in meeting and who most likely need or want my product or service.

Target Titles/Roles

VP Sales or VP Marketing big companies, CEO/COO small companies

Target Industries

Target Companies

Industries Avoided

Wholesalers to retail to sales reps, Associations, Top producers Incentive trips, sales meetings, product launches, road shows, Professional Services Partner Retreats, offsite board meetings, unions

David Lerner, Sterling & Sterling, LI Banks, Country Life Vitamins, Zebra, Uncle Giuseppes,

independent retail stores

I would like to meet the following PSPs

Barbara DeMatteo, Bill Corbett, Laura Palker

Practice Groups I am in


CCE Global Mtgs & Incentives

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