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Patrick Delehanty

Schooley Mitchell


Cost Optimization

Patrick Delehanty is a business optimization specialist with Schooley Mitchell.  He offers a unique service helps companies save some money.

Patrick’s service is pretty simple and he offers his service in six key areas of your business operations. He examines all of your:

  • Communication services; including local phone service, wireless devices, cellular and data systems, along with anything else that you might use.

  • Electronic tracking

  • e-Signature

  • Utilities & Fuel

  • Waste Management

After he analyzes your current services, he prepares a professional report, summarizing all of your services so that you can clearly see what you have and what you are currently paying for. Then he will advise you about how you can do it better, for less cost to you. There is not an upfront fee for Patrick's services. If he finds you savings and you implement those savings, then his fee is simply a percentage of your savings. If he does not find any savings for you, then there is no fee at all!

Patrick’s advice is objective. He is completely independent; meaning he and Schooley Mitchell do not have any products to sell and they are not aligned with any service providers.

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