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Keith Fensterer

EchoHill Consulting LLC


Fractional CFO

EchoHill Consulting helps businesses leverage the knowledge and know-how of its people with existing data in its software tools and systems to provide sustainable solutions for reporting and deep-data insights. We look to think outside-the-box and tweak processes to eliminate duplicative and non-value-added procedures to create more time and space for deeper data analysis.

Keith Fensterer, the founder of EchoHill Consulting, has a broad-based background in financial management and accounting.  He was a champion and leader of change during his 17 years at The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. From his first role overseeing  the corporate planning and special projects groups, contributing to the transformation in the company's Strategic  Modernization Initiative and the implementation of SAP and other tools. Previously, as an audit manager at  PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Coopers&Lybrand), he serviced clients in the consumer products, telecommunications, and retail  industries. Throughout his career he has lead initiatives focusing on everyday change, leveraging the use of existing tools and  data to enhance the reporting and scorecarding of businesses and processes ... creating insights for profit and process

Business  Transformation

Work with key stakeholders across the business, providing: 

  • Project Management Support

  • Education and Training

  • Process Improvement

  • Enhancements to Profitability Analysis

Shared Services

Partnering with business unit leaders and tax teams to understand and allocate functional costs  (e.g., IT, Legal, HR, Communications and Finance) using key performance drivers to provide  reasonable allocations of costs to legal entities, operations (manufacturing/distribution),  business units and channels.

Building Financial Acumen and Education

Adapt, develop, deploy and deliver financial education for both finance and non-finance  personnel. Course work/material includes understanding company financials and its income  statement, developing a budget and estimate, capital planning and understanding cost center  spending.

Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Understanding KPI's, data and systems  training.

Employee Compensation &  Benefits

Partnering with Human Resources and Compensation teams to design and implement  performance bonus plans and equity awards, setting goals and stretch targets. Monitoring and  estimating the cost of fringe benefits. Providing finance teams metrics/formulas to simplify the  allocation of fringe benefits costs to business units.

Expense Optimization

Alongside business unit leaders, evaluate key areas of spending for priority of cost savings.  Establish best practices, programs, and key metrics for targeted savings and monitoring. Focus  on advertising, collateral, professional services, travel and maintenance.

Travel & Employee  Reimbursement

Working with Travel teams and policy owners - create reporting to share with business unit  leaders to raise level of awareness of top-spenders and habitual spending outside or above  guidelines. Experienced with SAP/Concur for expense reimbursement and Oversight audit tool.

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