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Client Sales Range

$5mm - $25mm, $25mm - $100mm, 100mm+

Client Employee Range


Client Type (Public or Private)

Public, Private


Joe Ogno

Flexspace America


Office Furniture

In nearly 20 years of furnishing spaces I’ve seen it all. Budgets blown, directives not followed, lead times missed & plans that didn’t help attract/retain or engage employees (never mind leaving them unprepared for disruption). The question; “how will work tomorrow… next year…3 years from now?” was never asked. I’ve furnished offices, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, universities, government agencies and temporary spaces. I take those experiences and help you make better decisions about the only space that matters…yours!

Planning an Effective and Flexible Office Space Has Never Been Easier with our Mobile Office Furniture Solutions.

The Post COVID office environment has changed how businesses utilize their home and commercial office spaces. The need for a flexible and mobile workspace that can be easily set up and quickly moved is essential. FlexSpace offers mobile office furniture solutions that are simple, elegant and sturdy. We also offer COVID desk shields to protect your employees and their office environment.

Get in touch with one of our Office Furniture professionals today to find out how we can make your home or commercial space more functional while looking fabulous!

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