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Erik Scheibe

Central Business Systems

Sr. Office Technology Specialist

Copiers & Postage Machines

*-Skilled and experienced corporate sales and marketing manager/leader who thrives on a consultative selling approach and relationship building through elite networking and client development abilities. I believe that sales is a function of creating win-win scenarios. Personal integrity and work ethic are everything.

*-Sold consistently under extremely challenging conditions in multiple industries while having the chance to get my hands on every part of the sales and marketing process. I thrive on creativity and maximizing an ample transferable skills set.

*-Responsible for all essential functions of a financial company serving as right hand for principal. Oversaw operations while still building business, managing existing referral relationships and generating new clients. Comfortable and capable of excelling in a wide variety of responsibilities or focusing narrowly and successfully on my end of the ballpark.

Specialties: Prospecting, Expert in Consultative Selling Approach, Closing, Relationship Building, Business Development, Sales Management, Marketing, Communications, Messaging, Networking, Public Relations, Leadership, Sales Training