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$5mm - $25mm

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Client Type (Public or Private)



Anthony Castoro

Astor Graphics, Inc.


Graphic Design

Anthony Castoro, founder of AstorGraphics, Inc., is a veteran graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. He has a proven ability to create compelling visual concepts and manage projects from inception to delivery in a timely manner.

Anthony offers collaborative, creative Graphic Designer, and virtual Art Department for small and mid-sized organizations and businesses looking for high quality, cost effective, on demand graphic design services.

He has a solid understanding of how design directly supports attainment of business goals, including growth, retention, and profitability, informs all aspects of client relationships, design, brand management, multimedia communications, and messaging. Anthony has well-developed sense of urgency for project timelines and deadlines, with no compromise to quality, drives the creative partnership and design process.

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