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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Data Analytics – Managing your Information at the Speed of Thought

What is Data Analytics – ?

Data Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

How do we analyze our data– ?

By using a A BI Tool 

A BI Tool is a software application used to retrieve and analyze data. Unlike report writers BI tools allow you to manage your data and provide Executives with meaningful information, so they are able to make informed business decisions.

What tool do we recommend?

Tableau Software helps our clients see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information.

Benefits of using Tableau are:

  • Dashboarding – The ability to provide the executives of the company with a quick view of vital statistics on the company, using live data, and being available to our clients on any device, be it on their desktop, laptop, ipad of smart phone was one of our key concerns

  • Visual analysis – Having the ability to drill down into your data and having the ability to include or exclude data in one-click was a high priority. We found the only way to properly manage data is if you could quickly see how changes to the data will impact your business. Tableau also allows you to view your data in all different styles – from graphical interfaces to charts and graphs, to simple lists – all with a click of a button.

  • StoryBoarding – Providing the Manager with the ability to prepare a presentation or story with real data building a bridge between communication and corporate performance

  • Data Mashup – Having the ability to view data from various different data sources quickly and with meaning is the heart of Business Intelligence and having a product that can do this in a user friendly environment makes Tableau the right choice for our clients.

  • Deployment speed – Having a product that is quick and easy to deploy and works as well with a million transactions as it would with a billion transactions is what our clients demand.

  • Ease of use – A good BI tool must be able to be used by the busiest executives and being able to manipulate data for making informed decisions should no longer require us to put requests into our IT departments.

  • Accessible anywhere – Our clients are located all over the world and the users of data need to be able to access their data from where ever they are. Tableau Online allows secure users to sign into the Tableau BI views and review their data from any device they may have accessible to them.

  • Affordable Pricing One of the most attractive features we found with Tableau is its affordable pricing. Tableau BI plus Amazon Redshift allows our clients to make a minimal investment while providing them with quick access to the data that helps them the most.

Product offering – Starter Pack

  • 3 Online users

  • 1 Remote Desktop to Tableau Desktop to allow them to design reports

  • Data-warehouse – that can grow to over 1 Billion transactions

  • 3 – Data Cubes prepared from your ERP system – currently working with Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Great Plains, AccPac 300 and AccPac 500 – MAS products

    • Customer Orders/Sales

    • Inventory and Product Information

    • GL Trial Balance

  • 10 Data Analytic Sets –

    • Customer orders and sales

      • Open Orders – including costing

      • Sales History – includes gross margin

      • Regional Sales development

      • Product Sales History

    • Inventory

      • Inventory On-Hand Valuation

      • Product sales vs. purchasing

      • Inventory Movement

    • GL

      • Cash Forecasting

      • KPI – AR turnover, Inventory Turnover, Net Profits, customer retention, etc.

      • Working Capital


Call us today at 516 770-0781 – to see a demonstration and find out about our monthly pricing plans

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